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What are some things we go through in life that are hard to talk about and even harder to deal with & go through? Here are some things I will be blogging on. I am always open to topic suggestions!

  • Mental Illness and the Stigma behind it; Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Mental Disorders, Tragedy, Pain, Grief, Loss
  • Suicide This is a big one for me as I lost both my parents, at the same time, to this tragic, but increasingly common death. Being a survivor of suicide. Coping with the loss of someone that took their life. Having suicidal thoughts.
  • Faith. What does it mean? Why have you lost Faith and who have you lost it in? Questioning your purpose, faith, or even wondering why the things that have happened to you happened at all. How do we deal with it?
  • Hope. What do you have high hopes for? What have you lost hope in? What can be done to restore hope in yourself or someone you love?
  • Love. This is a big one for everyone. There can be so much joy in love. There can be just as much, if not more, pain in love. Can we learn to love again? What has hurt us, how did we deal with it and how can we heal?
  • Humor. We all need a little humor in our life. I will make sure there are things to make you laugh and smile about every day!
  • Testimonials & Stories. Advice & Encouragement. As I said, lets go on this journey together!
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